Plant medicines

Plant medicines refer to substances derived from plants that are used for therapeutic, medicinal, ceremonial, or spiritual purposes
Some of these can contain psychoactive compounds that can induce altered states of consciousness and may have various physical, mental, and spiritual effects. It is important to note that the use of plant medicines should be approached with respect, caution, and under the guidance of experienced practitioners, especially in the context of traditional ceremonies.

" I have worked with different plant medicines and teachers over 15 years and they have contributed to my healing greatly
From the mistakes made I have gained great insight how to integrate and learn with the plants in a way that its harmonious and supportive to our body and nervous system.
I received a strong experience from overworking with psychedelics in the year 2022 when I came out of a psychotic episode without conventional medicine. This was a 9 month integration of rooting back into the body, where the hardest parts where the first 3 months, where my body released a lot of traumatic imprints and I almost lost hope that I am able to do this.
This very strong experience has given me embodied and experienced insight how to support people who have undergone similar experiences and might need information and tools to move out from this zone - this includes psychosis, depression, anxiety and mental instability."

If you wish to gain deeper insight, learn ways to integrate or understand better your past experiences or find the right medicine men and women for your healing, then please connect over the 15 min free intro call. 
Essential Oils

One of the safest and a non-psychoactive tools for self-healing are pure essential oils, which with Teishin are some of the oldest healing modalities.
The benefits of essential oils have been known for more than 6,000 years.​​​​ EO-s are aromatic substances present in the specialised cells or glands of certain plants used by them to protect themselves from predators and pests, but also to attract polinators. In other words, essential oils are part of the immune system of the plant.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain volatile aroma compounds from plants. These oils are often extracted through processes like distillation or cold-pressing, capturing the plant's fragrance and other beneficial properties. 
Specific EO protocols can be used for up-leveling your massage experience and bringing deeper relaxation.

Essential oils were extensively used during the times of Ancient Egypt, Rome, the Islamic Golden Age and Ancient China - in  all thriving cultures the royalties, kings and queens have used with these tools for religious ceremonies, medicinal purposes, detoxing and for beauty.

" I have worked and learned about EO-s extensively since 2018 with the doTerra Europe team and doctors. 
I found essential oils through a dear friend who was giving a class which I by accident entered, this experience spiraled me towards learning all about ancient ways of healing with plant distillates - how they work on the Spiritual body, Mental body and Physical body.
Cleaning and clearing the physical body, finding the right people and support is key to happiness, health and success."

In the plant medicines call we will look into your needs and wishes and how to work with different plants and natural supplements to heal and align your body and nervous system.
Essential Oils can be also a very supportive tool to up-level your yoga class or breathwork experience. There are specific protocols and plants that are mots supportive for these type of events and I am happy to share this wisdom with you. 

• Plants like Eucalyptus and Spearmint can be highly beneficial for opening up the respiratory system, releasing emotions of grief and contraction and could be used to uplevel a breathwork session or sauna experience.
• Marjoram, Cypress, Wintergreen, Aromatouch and the Deep Blue bend will bring deep cellular relaxation in a massage session, promote wellbeing and good sleep.
• Yarrow/Pom, Copaiba, Helichrysum can be used for deep skincare and as a natural botox tool and could be integrated to your face yoga and much, much more!

Each of the plants will have a Spiritual, Emotional and Physical effect on the system, which I teach about in the 1:1 calls and Group Events. 

For a deep dive into all properties and ways to use, protocols and techniques connect for a call. I am very excited to share this wisdom with you.

I am working as a Wellness Consultant in the Health and Wellness company called doTerra.
Their level of purity and quality is the highest I have found so far, as EO-s are one of the most adulterated products on the market. Choosing your products requires extra attention.

Send me a message with your questions or consultation bookings
Thank you!
1 hour 1:1 consultation for Essential Oil usage, protocols and Plant Medicine integration sliding scale 50€ - 88€
You can also book this call together with a family member or friend.
If you already know a lot about essential oils and just wish to start with a cleanse and be part of my team to receive my free support, then feel free to choose the Cleanse and Restore KIT.
When it has arrived, then get back to me, so that I can support your purification journey.
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