Come join us as we celebrate the coming of the New Earth by harmonising our heart frequencies through a powerful journey with the medicine of cacao, a quantum activation, and Heart alignment into the Solar Eclipse and New Moon.

This is a Ceremony you don’t want to miss as it is a gateway to the following threshold of the age of Aquarius

During this alignment you will receive:
 🐉 Quantum Activated meditation

 in a safe container together with all the participants 
 🐉 Downloads of the usage of ceremonial cacao within ancient wisdom traditions

 🐉 Heart Alignment tools to thrive in a higher frequency on a daily basis

 🐉 Venus Gong opening the Heart Portal at the peak of the Eclipse
 🐉 Online experience of being United, Guided, Safe in this limitless timespace

We are welcoming questions, we love you the way you are - expand, be seen, learn and Align - its time ✨

The Solar Eclipse will be a very potent time to prepare for the upcoming Saturn and Jupiter Grand conjunction on the winter solstice on the 21. December - the time when new light will be birthed. 

TAKEOFF: 14.December - CET: 4:00 PM
 // CST: 9:00 AM
(Estonia 5:00 PM)

Energy Exchange is what feels aligned to you: 
Suggested: 33€-66€ 

Paypal us:
Type: "Hearts Aligned" and get the event link.

Please align with us before the actual event, to get access to pre-container info

Container will be held and portals opened by: 

 Stephanie E Charlotte Koehler - Medicine Woman, Alchemist and Accelerator of Human Potential

Jana Solom - Soul Alignment Therapist, Reiki Teacher
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