In person Essential Oils and Plant Alchemy Course on the 6th of Feb for women and men.

3 PM - 5 PM at Ix Balam, Atitlan San Marcos

Class by Jana Solom, teaching about purifying the Body, Mind and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils through understanding the interconnectedness of elements Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and the human body.

You will learn about:

 Main benefits of EO-s
✔ Safe and tested ways of usage
 Supporting organs to homeostasis
 Ways to use on acupuncture points
✔ Tested Heavy Metal Detox protocol
✔ Clearing emotions

Replace perfumes, deodorants and painkillers with natural safe medicines from the nature.

Understand the connection between the natural law, organs and emotions.
Learn how to embody trust and peace, and also gain focus and strength through EO protocols.

2 h lecture and healing touch protocols with EO-s for the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers at IX Balam.

Event price: sliding scale according to your capacity 
Jana Solom speaking at DoTerra Estonia summer convention 2022
Healing Touch practices
Event Location: Ix Balam, Atitlan San Marcos
Location spaceholder: Annika Rech
Thank you!
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