Solar Eclipse Event of April 2024
11:11 - 2:30 PM
YOUTUBE LIVE and ZOOM event from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Transformative Journey Through Guided Sound and Movement Alchemy with Steffen Ki and Yana.

This special planetary alignment occurs the second time since 1776. 
Allowing us to harness the powerful eclipse energies to burn karmic imprints and welcoming more freedom into our life.

In this LIVE transmission we welcome you into transforming dense and heavy energies together. This conscious inner alchemy work allows us to bring in harmony and open us up for a greater understanding.

Join us for this collective zoom experience!

◉ Wisdom Transmission
◉ Sound Journey
◉ Guided Meditation
◉ Movement

Online LIVE transmission link 

Steffen Ki is a German origin teacher for medicine music production and a DJ who plays on global stages. Creator of sonic sanctuaries for people to find a deep sense of connection, peace and inspiration. 
Hes  soundscapes are inspired by the beauty and perfection of nature, shamanic and spiritual practices and metaphysical perspectives. 
Steffen seeks to harness the power of frequencies & sound to help in the collective mission to raise the vibration on the planet.

Listen to Steffen on Spotify:​​​​​​​
YANA is an Estonian shamanic sound healer and vocal activation spaceholder, ceremonial cacao facilitator and holistic teacher for plant alchemy and wellness.

With the passion on guiding people to greater clarity and connection with their Soul Path. The practices she has learned over a decade from sound healing, Qi-healing, shamanic plant alchemy to ceremonial cacao rooms are all about supporting people into greater clarity, freedom and love.
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