Tallinn, EST 2020/2021
Canon 5 D, 24-70mm F 2.8 Lens

Morpho Butterflys wing. 
Natural photograph, section mirrored. No AI.

Size: 108 x 81 cm, depth 3 cm
White/Black wood frame / White wood frame
Conservation Grade UV Protection Museum Glass.
Printed on Fine Art Hahnemühle Cotton Baryta.

Copies: 2/2 
1/2 Copy
3 333€ - Available

Authors Print 2/2
Price: 11 000 € - Available
Connected to Chinnamasta yantra - The Great Wisdom Goddess.
The connection to Eternal Light.

Connects the Third eye to the Throat chakra. Call in Chinnamasta to help seeing past illusion, open new paths, feel fearless to walk the beauty way, bring freedom. Mantra: "HOOM"

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