6th Sense  
Sensual Blindfold Ecstatic Dance
5th of January 2023 
danceklub KOIT

Time: 6:30 PM - 10 PM

 We close our eyes and drop into heightened awareness - sensing the body, smells, the room and each other from a more sensual angle.

We open up our 6TH SENSE - to come into higher and elevated states of being and learning how to release blockages from the body system through connection and movement.

We fall into ourselves and in love with ourselves with the support of the best ceremonial cacao, dance and finish up with a relaxing sound healing session - this is a healing journey back home - into oneself. 

 You are being guided by sound ja space magicians: Denis Vinogradov, Lilia Märtmaa and Jana Solom

Energy exchange: 33€

Location: Pärnu mnt 69 - danceclub KOIT

 Register to the magical journey info@helid.ee
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