"Aranyani",  Goddess of the Forests​​​​​​​
Tallinn, EST 2017

Photograph of palm leaves mirrored.
Natural photograph, section mirrored. No AI.

Size: 105 x 78 cm

White/Black wood or metal frame. 
Conservation Grade UV Protection Museum Glass.
Printed on Fine Art Hahnemühle Cotton Baryta.
Copies 1/2
Price: 3 333 € Available

AP 2/2
Price: 11 000 € Available
In Hinduism Aranyani is a Goddess of the Forests and the Animals that dwells within them.
The name comes from the word, Aranya, which means Forest in Sanskrit. Goddess Aranyani Animates and Protects the forest, and provides Food for Humankind.
Connected to Chinnamasta Yantra, The Goddess of Intuition. Cuts off the Extraneous Chatter of the Mind and Senses. The All-Seeing Third Eye harnesses its full power as the Gates of Higher Consciousness are opened.
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