"Omkara" First Was Sound
Tallinn/ EST 2018

Picture of Owl Butterflys Wing.
Natural photograph, section mirrored. No AI.​​​​​​​

Size: 105 x 78 cm
White wood frame. 
Conservation Grade UV Protection Museum Glass.
Printed on Fine Art Hahnemühle Cotton Baryta.
Copies 1/2 
Copies 2/2 Authors Print
Price: 11 000 € Available
Omkara is another term for Om (Aum), literally meaning the "OM syllable". It is the Primordial Sound from which the whole Universe was created. 
Om is also called the Shabda Brahman - God as Sound/Vibration.

Image connected with Seed on Life Yantra, it symbolises Beginning and Completion. Brings Balance and Strength. It is also a blueprint for Creation of Matter, Sound, Consciousness. 
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