"Satya Loka" / "Towards Heaven"
Black Sand Beach / CA 2017

"Sometimes we fail to see that Heaven is on Earth"

Picture of Ivar running towards Black Sand Beach.
Natural photograph, section mirrored. No AI.

Size: 105 x 78 cm
White wood frame. 
Conservation Grade UV Protection Museum Glass.
Printed on Fine Art Hahnemühle Cotton Baryta.

Copies 1/2​​​​​​​
Price: 3 333 € Available

Authors Print 2/2
Price: 11 000 €  Available
Satya Loka is a term used in Indian religious and yogic philosophy to describe the highest plane of consciousness or the highest of the heavenly realms. The term comes from the Sanskrit Satya, which translates as “Truth.” Loka is a Sanskrit word that means “Realm,” “Plane of Existence” or “World.” The Realm of Truth.

In Hinduism, the number of heavenly realms varies by tradition. Sapta Urdhvaloka describes the Seven Higher Realms, the highest of which is Satya Loka. It is where the yogi achieves Moksha, or liberation from the recurring Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth, and Union with the Higher Self.

This was the first image of the exhibition and was my main inspiration.
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