Svapna to a state of being Asleep and Dreaming while also being Conscious, or simply a State of Dreaming. 
The state is where a yogi can perceive objects based on experiences from their Waking State. It can be compared to human Cubconsciousness, individual mind and Remembrance. It is the first stage in practice of Yoga Nidra, where the yogi begins to explore his Subconsciousness.

Image connected with Sri Yantra, the most powerful tool for fulfilling ones Worldly Desires and for Material Manifestation. Mother of all Yantras.
Los Angeles, CA 2017

"Our mind creates the dream, 
in the heart one will find liberation"

Size: 195 x 63 cm
PH neutral.
Hahnemühle Baryta on aluminium composite.
White float frame. 

Copies 1/2
Price: 2 450 € Available

Authors Print 2/2
Price: 11 000 € Available
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