Estonian art photographer and director Jana Solom's exhibition of mirroring fragments of plants, animals and buildings. In this exhibition she is analysing the structure of creation.

Inspired by the movement and patterns of nature, the exhibition is searching for understanding the process of creation and finding the meaning of duplication in the natural law.

Infinite Playground is a repetition, a trance, a mantra in a form of portal art.
For us who we mirror each other.

Jana: " This process was the most interesting time of my career. I shot the whole exhibition at the point where I decided to stop photography and the moment I let it go, the whole exhibition started coming to me whilst travelling in USA. 
The names of the art works are in Sanskrit and literally channeled whilst working on a picture. Even if I did not know the name or meaning of the word that came to me, I researched and found the meaning and shortly understood why this information appeared.

What I also received besides the names was that this art was meant for sacred spaces and all art portals must have 2 copies.
And on top of that, all of the works have a spesific sacred yantra symbol behind the picture that needs a pre activation by sound.

Until today I am amazed myself of the window in space and time I was given to bridge this visuals. After this project nothing similar has come to me, besides I started working with sacred sounds myself".

Shot with Canon EOS 5D DSLR and on 35mm film. 
Very little retouch, natural images. No AI. 
Published 2018 in partnership with Diesel Arts and Okapi Gallery.

The images where created through the musical soundscape and inspiration from Poranguis album Ayahuasca 2016.
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