Sound Healing Retreat in Nepal
22.-29. April 2024
Nepaali Helitervenduse Retriit
Retriidi suhtluskeel eesti-inglise, vajadusel  osaline tõlge vene keeles
Our Sound Healing Retreat in Nepal will be held at he beautiful Joy Source Resort at Crystal Earth Eco Village, overlooking the ancient sacred village of Pharping and the Himalayan snow mountain range in the east. Experience breathtaking views and friendly atmosphere in an authentic rural village.
Video from Nepal
Retreat will include sound healing sessions, vocal activation and instrument lessons.​​​​​​​

Why choose to participate in a Sound Healing Retreat?
A sound healing retreat is a peaceful and relaxing way to get inspired and have a pause moment in a serene environment.
Sound healing helps to reduce stress, shift unwanted behaviour patterns like compulsive thinking, addiction and other misalignments that might be blocking you from living your desired life.
What to expect?

• Accelerate your healing processes physically, mentally and spiritually
• Liberate emotional traumas stored in the body. Remove blockages and facilitate free flow of energy in the meridians, nerves and blood vessels
• Come to peace of mind and overall sense on love and connectedness
 Connect to community and likeminded people
• Sound Healing will open up your creativity and accelerate your potential to live in high resonance and alignment with your desired life

What will you learn?

• The basics of sound therapy​​​​​​​
The impact of sound on physiological, psychological and spiritual​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ level
• Get to know several author's techniques and developed methods in the use of such sound therapy instruments as: gong, singing bowls,tuning forks, ethnic flutes, jew's harps and many others
• Learn to use your body as an instrument of tuning and healing
• Learn to play Tibetan bowls and Gongs
• Movement sessions
• Learn about different instruments and join a instrument class
Learn to use your voice for healing and to sing overtones.
Learn to love your voice and cultivate expression in a safe container. With clear techniques even beginners can immediately achieve a beautiful sound, which will encourage and inspire you to explore your voice deeper. 
Image: Jana Solom playing at Gong Night @Adila Retreat Center
Retreat will be led by sound healers, transformational event creators and collaborators:

Jana Solom is an Estonian shamanic sound healer and vocal activation spaceholder, ceremonial cacao facilitator and holistic teacher for plant alchemy and wellness. 
“My passion is guiding people to greater clarity and connection with their Soul Path. The practices I have learned over a decade from Qi-healing, sound healing and shamanic plant alchemy to ceremonial space holding are all about supporting people into greater clarity, freedom and love. 
One of my greatest passions is to bridge the teachings received from Poranguí​​​​​​​ - to bring healing through sound and opening our voices together".

Lilia Märtmaa and Denis Vinogradov are the founders of the Healing Sounds Center in Tallinn, Estonia with 16 years of experience in sound therapy. Lilia has background as musical therapist and Denis as a DJ and producer.

"For us, sound therapy is the Path, mission and our main activity. We regularly conduct group meditations, sound massages, retreats, training programs, large concerts and projects in collaboration with other musicians and constantly conduct individual sound healing therapy sessions."

• About 1500 organised events
• Among them hundreds of group sound meditations and dozens of concerts with an audience of 100-600+ visitors
 Specialised in retreats and seminars
Image: Lilia Märtmaa and Denis Vinogradov at Rummu

✦ Early Bird: 1175€ (includes VAT 22%) + accommodation and organic meals extra (registration until 15th of March) 

✦ Late Bloomer: 1375€ (includes VAT 22%) + accommodation and organic meals extra (11th April or until spots full) 

✦ Full Price: 1500 € (includes VAT 22%) + accommodation and organic meals extra (From 11th of April until 20th of April 2024)

Please email us for further details!
Thank you!
Experience includes:

Retreat activities
Retreat activities on Sacred Sites
Healing Sessions
Classes and workshops
Collective Music Jam​​​​​​​


Accommodation and food
Airport taxi to venue 7,50€ - 30€ (30 € per car)
Lake drive 25€/ per person​​​​​​​
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