"Dvar", Door
Tallinn, Est 2018

Macro photograph from a leaf.
Natural photograph, section mirrored. No AI.

Size: 105 x 78 cm
White/black wood or metal frame. 
Conservation Grade UV Protection Museum Glass.
Printed on Fine Art Hahnemühle Cotton Baryta.
Copies 1/2
Price: 3 333 € Available

AP 2/2
Price: 11 000€ Available
In Sanskrit "Dvar" means "Gate" or "Entrance". Dvarika meant a city ruled by God itself as if it were a Gateway to Heaven.

Image connected with Bhuvaneshwari Yantra, which is worshipped to gain Mesmerising Personality and Power. Diseases, enemies and problems are banished. Resides in the Heart Chakra. The yantra bestows Wealth and Happiness.
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