Master your energy and learn how collaboration is the basis to success and living your dream life!

Over the period on 2 weeks we will have 2 supportive zoom calls to start to manifest your Aligned Future for a month, 3 months and 1 year period.

We create a schedule for you to bring in the desired changes to feel more Joy, Fulfilment and Success in the present moment, so that the foundation of your new dream is solid. 
Building up a dream takes focus, strength and willpower - which can all be obtained through wellness practices and structured steps.  

If you wish to being massive shifts in your life, then having a mentor and supporter is key!
I wish I had welcomed my teachers and mentors sooner to be able to see my gifts and understand the real work that needs to be done for receiving desired results.

This container was created to be a Leadership training and is meant for you, if you are already building up your dream life, but need extra clarity and support to receive faster results. 
And for you, if you are still in the search of how to align and allow your divine purpose to arise or lean personalised ways to bring forth the desired changes. 
Working on the Building Your Aligned Future mentorship will focus on the topics in the areas where you need support the most:

• Personal Growth: Get personalised feedback and fast results. In this call we are contributing towards your personal and professional growth by providing constructive feedback, encouragement and ideas according to your needs.

• Health and Wellness tools: Learn to work with plants, nutrition and supplements that will boost your life force and give the capacity to create your desired life faster. Learn to balance the nervous system to become much more effective and balanced in our everyday tasks.

• Work-Life Balance: Insights into achieving a healthy work-life balance, managing time and stress, and prioritising well-being.

• Knowledge Transfer Hub: In this container I share knowledge, experiences, and lessons I have learned, to accelerate your learning curve. Over the years I have studied with multiple teachers around the globe in healing and business management and am glad to share my insights and the mistakes I have made with you, to speed up your process. 

• Problem-Solving: Finding solutions to the problems You may encounter in your leadership roles - weather it is leading your family, changing career or building up your business. 

• Self transformation and Healing Hub: In this modality I am teaching self healing tools that have helped me to gain strength, vitality and determination to pursue my dreams.

• Career Guidance: Goal-setting, and navigating the professional landscape.

• Networking: Learn about valuable networks that will support your growth.

• Inspiration Hub: Inspiring you to become the best version of you.

After the call you will receive a document with guidelines how to move forward with building Your aligned future. 
This will include tips for your specific needs for growth, success and healing - as this all goes hand in hand.

We can work on Building on Your Aligned future as I one time Alignment and call, weekly calls, once a month or quarter calls. This container will be scheduled according to your needs and wishes. ​​​​​​​

Every quarter we will have a group zoom call to meet with other participants who are on the same wave of building up their dreams, to find inspiring collaborators, new friends and connect to community.

Become clear on your vision and learn to clear away karmic obstacles. Work on your time management, nutrition and frequency tools that will boost your life force and give the capacity to create your desired life faster. 

༒ Clients report that they have received strong and life changing experiences whilst choosing this work to bring clarity in the areas in their life, which need to be seen, to be healed and revealed.

Cant wait to get to know you and support your journey to greater Joy and Inspiration!

In this offer you will receive: 

• 1:1 support
• 2 x 1 hr Zoom Call (once a week)
• Personalised Manual - Building Your Aligned Future
• Personalised Wellness and Nutrition guideline
• Guaranteed results​​​​​​​
This mentorship is for you if to wish to learn about the intentional use of cacao for spiritual, healing, and personal development purposes.

In this container I will answer your questions about:
 Cacao Knowledge: About the history, cultural significance, and properties of ceremonial cacao, including its traditional uses in indigenous cultures, including special recipes. 

Learn about recipes and why to use specific plants inside the cacao that enhance:​​​​​​​
Feelings of Connectedness and Purpose

◈ Spiritual and Healing Aspects: Ceremonial cacao for its potential spiritual and healing benefits. Learning about the psychoactive components of cacao, its impact on consciousness, and its potential role in personal growth and healing journeys are common areas of interest.

◈ Ceremonial Practices: Learn about the various ceremonial practices associated with cacao, including how to create and hold a ceremonial space, the significance of rituals, and the use of intention-setting during ceremonies.

◈ Integration of Experiences: Learn how to integrate the insights and experiences gained into their daily lives. This may involve reflection, journaling, and other practices to make the most of the ceremonial journey.

◈ Cacao Sourcing and Preparation: Learning how to source and prepare ceremonial-grade cacao. Lean to understanding the different varieties of cacao beans, ethical sourcing practices, and proper preparation methods.

◈ Safe and Responsible Use: Understanding the potential effects of ceremonial cacao and ensuring its safe and responsible use is crucial. This includes awareness of dosage, individual sensitivities, and any contraindications with certain medications or health conditions.

◈ Community and Connection: Connect to our cacao community. Learn how to share and hold space for others during ceremonies, as well as connecting with like-minded individuals.

◈ Personal Development: Lean to contribute to self-discovery, mindfulness, and overall well-being.

Find the cacao and recipes that suits best your needs and body type!

I am very excited to be on this journey together with you! 
Ceremonial cacao has brought so much Love, pure connections and healing into my life. 
Also given me energy to build up my business and find full trust in my Souls Evolution - wishing the same for You!
Cacao Ceremony @ Ama Raya retreat 2023
Write to me if you wish to learn about holding ceremony and working with cacao in a 1:1 zoom call:
In this offer you will receive: 

◈ 2 x 1 hr Zoom Call (once a week)
◈ Ceremonial Cacao Workbook
◈ 0,45 kg of DaliLeo Ceremonial Cacao (EST)
◈ My special recipes and plant wisdom
Thank you!
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